Spaghetti with Creamy Pesto

Some words about this dish


  • Do you accommodate dietary preferences?

    We accommodate a variety of dietary preferences, and always offer an entirely gluten– and peanut–free menu. As a customer, you can set your own dietary preferences and easily find the meals that work for you. You can also check out individual ingredient lists for each dish if you have specific concerns, or contact us at for help making selections. If you’re unable to place an order that fits your preferences now, be sure to check back frequently as we’re always adding new and exciting dishes. On average, our weekly rotation of 30+ dishes includes:

    • Under 500 calories: 20+ meals
    • Under 35 grams of carbs: 8–10 meals
    • Dairy–free: 8–10 meals
  • How many portions are your meals?

    All of our meals are single serving and meant to feed an average adult. Our 6-meal plan is perfect for a person looking for 6 dinners (or lunches!) a week. On average, our meals weigh in at just about 13 ounces, which is about 10% larger than similar competitors. What’s even better: our meals average just 500 calories and range from 300 to 650 calories. If you have a larger household, we do offer a 12 meal per week subscription (it’s perfect for a family of 4 looking for 3 meals per week). Plus, you can always order multiple subscriptions.

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